Hyper-linked datachain: A break-through in Blockchain ecosystem

The Internet of hyper-linked blockchain vision of ToVChain
  • The establishment of semantic links among the data elements in blockchain networks in a trustable, verifiable, and immutable manner;
  • The automatic migration of a whole DApp including all of its components and data from a blockchain network to another network;
  • The automatic code generation of DApps that have components (e.g., smart contracts, processors) running on one or multiple blockchains to perform particular business processes.
  • Sidechain is a small blockchain network, which runs parallel with the main blockchain to synchronize data and increase users’ performance.
  • Abstraction layer (message protocols) provides an abstraction layer for gathering and delivering data among different blockchain.
  • Hub/adaptor is the coupling means for blockchains that enable transferring data from one to another.
ToVChain approach
  • Establish links among data elements used in DApp applications to enhance reliability and considerably increase its value. For example, multiple blockchain networks store different vehicle operations; a traceability system records the vehicle’s location history on a blockchain network; an electronic toll collection system records the vehicle’s images and information on another blockchain network when it is passing through a station. Once those records are linked to each other, they become more trustable and provide more information on the vehicle operations.
  • Ensure the transparency and the origin of data. Let us consider an image that is stored and shared among an IPFS network. Users of this network can copy the image and put it on the other Arweave storage system. Linking the two images allows us to annotate that they are the same, and the one in the IPFS network is the original.
  • Collect, aggregate, and link data on each customer and other entities, thereby providing a complete view of them. For example, the customers’ transaction data recorded in multiple networks can authenticate the customers or evaluate their assets and credit score.
  • Migrate a DApp from a blockchain network to another one
  • Generate a DApp and can distributedly deploy it on blockchain networks.
ToVChain’s architecture
  • Cross-KYC among diverse blockchain networks to identify and verify the identity of borrowers and lenders
  • Using digital assets created on distributed blockchains as collateral
  • NFT pricing based on auction
  • Allowing borrowers to receive a larger loan amount than their collateral value
  • (AI-based) credit score evaluation, built upon the cross-KYC feature
  • Use various types of digital assets, e.g., cryptocurrencies, NFT, and smart contracts as collateral
  • Peer-to-peer lending with flexible interest rates defined by borrowers and lenders
Trava.finance — the cross-chain lending broker
  • Cross-KYC among diverse blockchain networks (e.g., identifying NFT creators and owners)
  • Trading NFT among distributed blockchain networks
  • Tracking NFT history
  • Use NFT as collateral to borrow more
  • Define the business logic once, deploy anywhere quickly and transparently.
  • Cross-KYC among diverse blockchain networks to identify users.
  • Integration across multiple blockchain platforms.
  • Cross migration enables data connectivity across blockchain networks ensuring data security and privacy.
  • DePassport. DePassport is a decentralized web application built to show the profile data of crypto persons/organizations, which is collected and linked from different sources.
  • Credit score evaluation. The application links and evaluates financial data of crypto-persons/organizations recorded on the Internet of blockchains.
  • Fake news detection. The decentralized fake news application allows users to trace news provenance and thus determine which one is authentic.



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ToVChain provides semantic interoperability among data elements and functionalities of blockchains to form the Internet of hyper-linked blockchains.